Neo Intelligent Care

We started the Neo Intelligent Care brand, whose core manufacturing consists of ultrasonic bonding, silicone straps for better grip, material processing and the possibility of personalizing the product. Modern technology used in production is in line with European standards and the EU Directive for the production of medical devices. Under the brand N.I.C. Neores manufactures protective medical equipment, which, in accordance with the publication of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, is a part of the basic protection set used in procedures with potentially infected persons with the COVID19 virus. Also, under the brand Neo Intelligent Care, protective medical equipment is produced, in accordance with the standards EN 13795, EN 14126 and EN 13034, and contains over 100 disposable items.

Why N.I.C.?

All N.I.C. products can be sterilized. Namely, the company Neores owns a steam sterilizer manufactured by MMM GmbH. Mentioned steam sterilizer with connection to the distribution of clean steam, is suitable for sterilization of solid and porous objects. Because we put the safety of our employees and customers first, the sterilizer is completely safe to use. Sterilization of protective medical equipment is performed by employees who have undergone special training to manage all the functions of the sterilizer, so that they can safely deliver a safe and quality product to our customers.

Since it operates on steam, the sterilizer is completely safe for the environment.