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Product design is based on existing models with the addition of modern and innovative technology, which is the backbone of our concept brand Neo Intelligent Care, while production is in line with European standards and the European Union Directive for the production of medical devices.

Medical products

NEORES d.o.o. manufactures special medical compression stockings as well as medical bandages for hands and feet. Products are made by means of textile gluing technology on specially patented machines designed and built exclusively for this purpose.

Face mask - hygienic aid

Reusable face mask with filter for everyday use, it provides protection from adverse effects from the enviroment.

Seamless underwear

Seamless underwear is based on the unique SensElast technology that enables seamless joining of exclusive lingerie for world famous brands. Seamless underwear gives the feeling of a second skin and also provides the possibility to shape the body.

Sports clothing

Sports clothing products are made by means of gluing technology providing maximum comfort with an ergonomic design, and adapting to the needs of athletes.

Medicinski proizvodi​
Neores d.o.o. proizvodi specijalne medicinske kompresivne čarape kao i medicinske poveze za ruke i noge. Proizvodi se izrađuju pomoću tehnologije lijepljenja tekstila na posebno patentiranim strojevima dizajniranim i izrađenim isključivo za ovu svrhu.
Maska za lice – higijensko pomagalo​

Višekratna maska za lice sa filterom za svakodnevnu upotrebu štiti od svakodnevnih utjecaja iz okoline.

Bešavno donje rublje​
Bazirano je na jedinstvenoj SensElast tehnologiji koja omogućava bešavno spajanje ekskluzivnog rublja svjetski poznatih marki. Bešavno rublje daje osjećaj druge kože, a također pruža i mogućnost oblikovanja tijela.
Sportska oprema
Sportska se odjeća proizvodi tehnologijom lijepljenja te omogućava maksimalnu udobnost rgonomskim dizajnom i prilagođava se potrebama sportaša.


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About us

Neores d.o.o. was founded in 2005. Since the very beginning the production process was focused on a specific production range of medical textiles and specially patented, seamless textile products, which is also our long-term goal, with complete detachment from classic textiles.

With the continuous implementation of new technologies and patents, we offer high quality products and services with a high level of added value.Over the years, we have grown into a leading company that meets the highest standards of the demanding European market and beyond.

In our company, human resources potentials were recognizable from the very beginning. Strong emphasis on personal development of every employee contributes to solid foundations for further prosperity. Our quality and competitiveness on the market are guaranteed by continuous improvements, the use of a new technologies and creation of innovative solutions which are a challenge for our employees.


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